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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
07 April 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Who: Reborn and Nanami
What: Nanami shows Reborn what she’s learned as the two duel it out
Where: On deck of the Vongola III or IV or whatever it is now
When: This evening
Warnings: Keep insulin at the ready, off-handed death by poison, you may get whiplash from sudden fluff (and then get stomped on by a herd of sheep.)

Sea Kings happen. Do you have a convenient hidden pocket filled with poison? If not, call...Collapse )
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
07 April 2009 @ 12:44 am
I’ve sparred with Master Reborn, run laps along the shore and in crashing waves, balanced tea sets on top of my head while balancing on beam several meters off the ground, caught, gutted and cooked fish, and spent several days climbing through rigging while having forks, bean bags and water balloons filled with red food coloring tossed at me. By the way Killua, there will be a surprise waiting for you in return for the forks and food coloring. You won’t know when and you won’t know where, just know its coming.

Anyway, I don’t understand what taking care of kittens has to do with my training. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to kill me; I woke up this morning because they were attempting to smother me while I was sleeping. Mr. Tsuna, I beseech you to keep them in your room at night, you did promise to help take care of them.

Master Reborn, I look forward to our next spar, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much I've improved. Also, I've almost tracked down the final pieces of the silver tea set I owe you for dropping the other one during training. They're rather antique and hard to come by so it's taking longer than expected. Again, I'm dreadfully sorry about that.
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
28 February 2009 @ 12:28 am
My things have been gathered, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go albeit I’m a little early.

Killua, I’m double checking with you to make sure I have everything straight. The SDF will be defecting a few passengers to the Varia ship and I will board yours and then from there move to the Vongola ship, correct? How early do you plan to arrive? Remember, sooner is better than later.
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
17 February 2009 @ 10:31 pm
…how did I end up back on this ship? I thought I hid myself really well on Mr. Suou’s ship. What happened to all my door locks and why is my ankle is chained to the bed?
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
29 January 2009 @ 11:48 pm
A poem by Nanami Kiryuu

At least I’m not stranded, stranded on shore,
At least I’m not stuck with insufferable bores.
We may only have but convenience store food,
The others on board, I might add, are quite crude,
But I’m counting my blessings as only I could,
I can say more but I don’t know if I should.
Let’s start with the obvious, the most apparent,
The long white haired guy is rather transparent,
Always complaining, and screaming out “VOI”,
His loud loathsome scenes are beginning to annoy,
The leader of this tiny yet insane troop,
I might have to think this over, maybe regroup.
Anyhow, where was I, oh yes the boss,
Throwing glasses like it’s the brand new lacrosse,
On deck you must tread softly and always wear shoes,
And hope to God, he doesn’t run out of booze.
At least the ship seems relatively sturdy,
It it’s not rusted or smelly or even a bit dirty,
The rooms are quite plush, couches made of leather,
And so far we haven’t run into bad weather,
So I’m counting my blessings as only I could,
If I could say more, I certainly would.

Disclaimer: The people and situations in the poem above may or may not be based off of real life people and/or situations; any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. This poem does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of either myself, my crew, my brother, or my mink; don't quote me on that; don't quote me on anything; all rights reserved.

Oh, Mr. Kuroyanagi, we have our ship, if you want to be picked up send your coordinates.
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
17 January 2009 @ 05:21 pm
Well isn’t this just special, everyone gets to be back with all their friends, blah blah blah. I suppose I’ll be going back to the S.S. Haruhi because that’s where all my stuff is.

Speaking of my stuff, how did such a hideously frumpy dress from the Gap end up in my closet?
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
15 December 2008 @ 10:27 pm
I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping. I never realized how utterly annoying and exhausting it can be… probably because I usually only buy my big brother gifts and Mitsuru if I’m in the mood. Does Mr. Tachibana do gift wrapping? I don’t want to get any paper cuts.

Mr. Hamel, I have your iced tea, sun block and your sewing kit up all set for you up on deck. Would you like a massage as well? And um, well, I know you really enjoy your hobby but do I really have to wear this cow costume?
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
25 November 2008 @ 04:55 pm
There was no Santa Clause unless you expect me to believe that this drunken bum was him:

Also, I found this little guy:

Awww, isn’t he cute? Now who wants to kill and skin him for me so that I can wear him as a scarf?
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
05 November 2008 @ 08:00 pm
It seems that I’ve had to make far too many sacrifices lately. I suppose I’ll just have to live with the interesting and yet mysteriously and wonderfly delicious commoner’s food that is served on a daily basis. At least this ship isn’t tacky looking like the last one and I don’t have to share a room.

Mr. Suou, please bring some iced tea and sun block to me on deck. Tall squinty man of few words, foot massage please. Boy with the baby… you missed a spot.

EDIT: Per Mr. Hitachiin's request.

EDIT: You can put the sharpies away now Mr. Hitachiin, I trust you'll find my adjustments suitable. But just in case, I'll be checking the lock on my door before bed.
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The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu
13 October 2008 @ 12:02 pm
This is what will happen to anyone or anything that gets in my way or disrupts my beauty sleep.

good sea monster is dead sea monster

Sea monster, it’s what’s for breakfast.

And I’m gonna eat it raw.
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