The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu (utskushiinanami) wrote,
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Hostile Environment

Oh. My. God.  The cabin I’ve been assigned to reeks of something awful.  What did they do, put carpet over a carpet of mildew?  Now I know why this island is abandoned.  At least there are flushing toilets. 

Did I also mention I had to tie my shoe and I ended up setting my backpack down on what appears to be a bear trap?  No?  Well I did!  Thank goodness my backpack was too short to get caught in the teeth otherwise, goodbye laptop.  I’d also like to add, THANK GOD it wasn’t my foot that hit the trigger instead!  I'd rather someone shoot me with a real gun than have to live as a handicapped person.

To whom it may concern on the Magenta team, could you refrain from shooting me in the back while I’m trying to drink from this silly round thing?  I nearly choked to death and now I have to find out where to refill it.

Hello, group where are you?  I only looked away for a second before you disappeared.  Please retrieve me so we can figure out how to pay Team Magenta back.

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