The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu (utskushiinanami) wrote,
The wonderful and beautiful Nanami Kiryuu

OOC Log Post: Chrome and Nanami

Who: Chrome and Nanami
What: Chrome and Nanami unintentionally swap powers
Where: Vongola Ship
When: Last week (April 26) Right after Chrome, Gokudera & Reborn Log
Warnings: None


Chrome ran down the empty halls of the ship, her boots tapping along the wooden floor.  Reaching the corner of the hallway, she slowed down her pace and rested her hand against the wall as she tried to regain her breath.  She was frantically trying to reach her room after leaving the closet and did not expect to run into anybody at this hour, especially not a stranger red-headed stranger who was being over friendly to her.

Chrome bit down on her lip, glancing nervously behind her.  Did he follow her?  Deciding not to risk it, she continued to run.

Nanami was wandering the hallway without any particular direction; she was simply bored and kind of lonely.  It wouldn’t be that bad if she happened to run into one of the other inhabitants on the ship.  She would prefer Gokudera or Reborn, but she almost wouldn’t even mind that guy who was slow in the head and laughed all the time.  She sighed rather audibly before turning the corner where an out of breath girl had the gall to run right into her.  Nanami fell backward onto the deck with a decided:  “OW!”

A loud gasp escaped her lips, realizing there was a figure in front.  Chrome panicked, tripping over her steps and collided into Nanami, falling on top of her in the process.  Quickly, she pulled herself away from the blonde and stood up.  "S-sorry."  She muttered, taking another glance behind her rather than offering a hand to help the other girl up.

Nanami stared up at the girl she recognized as Chrome immediately and waited for to get off of her before she got up.  While brushing herself off she watched the girl’s curious behavior behind a scowl.  Knowing Chrome’s personality far better than she ever had wanted to from being on the same ship for quite some time now, she knew that this extreme paranoid behavior was a little strange for her and she glanced behind her only to see nothing. “Alright, what’s going on?” She asked somewhat callously it wasn’t like she cared or anything, unless perhaps there was some sort of monster behind her?  She inched back ever so slightly, just in case.

"Um... there's a man."  She wanted to say stranger, but stopped herself.  Did they picked up anyone new that she wasn't aware of or was he here to begin with?  It would be very silly of her if that was the case.

Nanami narrowed her eyes at the Chrome’s words.  “It’s not that panty thief is it?”  She asked looking rather irritable.  If it was, Nanami would be sure to take care of him, she wasn’t defenseless without her swords, and she still had a mean right hook.

Panty thief?  "... I don't know."  Chrome shook her head, she wasn't exactly sure who he was or... what he was.  Was he...?  Something was not right.  Chrome frowned, eyebrows furrowed together, forgetting her worries and concern about that fellow for the time begin.

The blond was wishing she had her swords back right now, but a crowbar would probably do the trick if she could find one.  “A..are you going to your room then?”  She asked mostly out of concern for herself; it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she worried a little bit about Chrome as well.  It didn’t matter that she had actually had a fun with her a while back despite the personality changes that happened to be going on that week and she would NEVER ADMIT IT OUT LOUD TO ANYONE.

She stared at the hallway she came running down from, deep with thought, ignoring Nanami's question.  "Mmm."  She tiled her head, hoping to hear better, but all she heard were hers and Nanami's breathing.  Nothing.  However, Chrome felt something different.  She brought her hands up slowly, staring intently at them.  Her knees grew weak, they slowly brought her body down until she was sitting on the wooden floor.  Never once did her eyes leave her hands. 

"It's back."  She smiled, mostly to herself.

“H…hey!”  Nanami put out a hand toward Chrome as the girl went down but didn’t make contact, “Hey, are you all right?”  She was not going to carry this girl to the infirmary.

She lingered on in the same position for a little more before remembering the blonde was with her.  "Ah... "  Chrome blinked and turned to Nanami.  "I'm fine."

“Well, um…”  She stammered a little bit and awkwardly, held her hand out for Chrome while looking anywhere else, “I’m heading off to my room, so we might as well go that direction together, hurry up, I don’t have all night.”

 "Do you... want something?" She asked, while standing on her own, eye resting on Nanami's hand.

Nanami pulled her hand away pretending like it wasn’t there in the first place.  “We should at least check both our rooms together in case anyone is in there.”

"Are you... worried?"  She took one final glance at her and took off, walking slowly down the hall, the same way she came from before.  The red haired man she encountered prior running into Nanami was a mere illusion.  How?  She was not positive, but she knew there won't be anyone one in her room waiting for her.

You’re the one who said there was a man wandering about, I’d rather be safe than sorry,” she replied with a sour look on her face.

She stopped at her steps.  'He's gone... now."

Nanami looked at her skeptically, “You’re sure.”

"Most likely."

The teen was not buying it.  Just one minute ago the other girl seemed to be running away from someone.  She turned her back to Chrome and put her nose up in the air, “Fine, don’t come crying to me if you get attacked.”  She began walking off grabbing a broom that was leaning up against the wall on her way by.

 A confused look appeared on her face as she stayed silent during the ordeal.  Nanami was one of the last people she would go crying to, if anything.

The blond returned to her room searching it thoroughly for instance: hitting drapes with the broom, stabbing inside the wardrobe with the stick end and checking under the bed.  Once she was sure she was alone, she pushed the desk in front of her door and found the kitchen knife she had been hiding under her pillow while her abilities were gone.

She locked her door as she as she returned to her room in one swift motion.  Soon after, she went straight to her book-bag to retrieved Mukuro-sama's trident.  She held it close to her and slowly leaned backwards until the back of her body made contact with the bed.  A relief expression was written across her face now that her illusions had returned.  Chrome does not question how it happened.  When she did, it led back to a certain run ins with the members on the ship.  Feeling the heat rising on her cheeks, she instantly pulled her covers over herself.  Unknown to Chrome, she under went two power swaps in a relatively short period of time, including the possessor of solid script for a good few minutes.

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